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Emotional & Mindset Mastery

Available on Amazon

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Soul Wisdom - Intuitive Healing

with Sarah Blocksidge

Release negative patterns

Manage stress & anxiety

Clear old emotions

Develop your intuition

Bespoke sessions using ​intuitively selected ​mindfulness & energy ​techniques

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Easily create your own 10 minute mindfulness routine

110 Minute Mindfulness Journal

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Reiki & Crystals In Mindfulness

with Sarah Blocksidge

Learn the art of Reiki for yourself or as a practitioner

10 Minute Guided Reiki Meditations

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Crystals are another way to work mindfully

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The Mindful Moments Series

From Sarah Blocksidge

A Membership with a Mindfulness Toolkit & Supportive Community

An Orcale Card Deck to empower your mind set

Available as a Kindle or Full Colour Print Book

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More About Sarah Blocksidge

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Sarah has over 25 years experience working with clients holistically. She is

passionate about engaging women in their own healing journey and this is the

intention she holds in mind when creating courses, workshops and sharing mindfulness strategies.

Sarah started her own healing journey in 1999 with Reiki and Reflexology, long before they were accepted in the mainstream! Sarah became a Reiki Master in 2005 and has continually sought to develop herself and her understanding of energy and emotions as the key to health and wellbeing since then. She is also a Yoga & Meditation teacher and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.

Sarah believes that knowledge can be powerful but is only truly useful when it is shared and then put into action. The Mindful Moments book and card series is another way Sarah is now choosing to share her knowledge to help others on their healing journey to peace, positivity and happiness.